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Freedom and our Minds CD1 - B Signature Edition


This is Deluxe Edition (Signature B Edition)
Now available for retails also-

Do you know whether your mind is your friend or enemy?
Indian Philosophy which is thousands of years old shows the path to understand your true potential and achieve your determined paths in life.

The talks given by enlightened Natarajan S will give inside out of Vedanta, Indian Philosophy. There is an easy to follow Jyoti Meditation. These may form a way for your success in all sphere.

First CD 1.True Freedom 2. The Three Stages 3.The Lion Stage 4. Kundalini and our Mind 5. Pure Love is meditation 6.Jyoti Meditation Practice Track 7. Curing Illness Spiritually Separately sold

Second CD 1. You become what you think 2. Always try a little more 3. Why and how we become old 4. Breathe and light in meditation 5 to 8 Indian Philosophy in a Nutshell 9. Luck or fate 10. Mind chattering

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