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S Natarajans Om Binaural Kubera and Laxmi Money Mantra (Wealth


S Natarajans Om Binaural Kubera and Laxmi Money Mantra (WealthGiving)

Artist/Band: Abishek Natarajan

The Golden Ratio (1.618), is a figure sacred to designers . The Golden Ratio is also known by the number phi, and is otherwise called the Golden mean, Divine Proportion or the Golden section.
The ratio of one of the sides to the other is the same as the ratio of the sum of the sides to the former. This Golden Ratio has prime importance in architectural design, as it lends a very aesthetic appearance to the object. The Pyramids in Egypt have their dimensions in a proportion equal to it. Leonardo da Vinci, the famed inventor and artist, has used the Golden ratio in many of his creations, most famously, the Vitruvian man (of "The Da Vinci Code"). Even the ratio of Fibonacci numbers (1,1,2,3,5,8,...) is successively approximate to the Golden ratio.
The relevance of the Golden Ratio to India and Hinduism, is quite interesting. Sri Yantra, an object of meditation that finds place in Puja Rooms is the great symbol of Golden Ratio.Combine the chanting with the visual element you are fully connected.
Sri Yantras are formed by 9 interlocking isoceles triangles. 4 of them point upwards and represent the female energy Shakti, while the other 5 point downwards, representing the male energy Shiva. These triangles are not ordinarily composed, but have aspects of the Golden Ratio in them. Just as we can have rectangles drawn to the specifications of the Golden Ratio, triangles too can have their properties.
Triangles have 3 variates: The base length, the slant length and the height. The angle also plays a major role. What is amazing is that the triangle of the Yantra is a proportionate cross-section of the Giza Pyramid, incorporating both special numbers pi (3.142...) and phi (1.618...) ratio. And the base angle of the triangle in the Yantra is seen to be around 51 degrees, the same value that was attributed to the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
The standard form of Sriyantra, with 9 interwoven triangles, constitutes a total of 43 triangles. The center of the Yantra has a Bindu (dot), which is the focus of the way you can meditate. You can either start from the inside and move out, or do it vice versa. The former is a constructive view, while the latter is a destructive one.
The Sriyantra might look a fairly simple design, but the construction is a highly complex affair. There are innumerous intersections that take place between the lines of the 9 triangles, and these cuts are supposed to be concurrent. Thus, changing the position of any one shape will require adjustments in all the corresponding figures. If the intersection of the lines does not happen at a particular point, the concurrency is lost, and so is the significance. Some consider Om, the primordial source of life, Mahalakshmi mantra the proteins in it and there was a finding about how it was a manifestation of the DNA form, etc.
There is separate reference to the Golden Ratio in connection with Kuber, the God of Wealth. It is said that Lord Kuber's treasure, the most prized collection of wealth in the universe, is hidden inside the mystical Mt.Meru. Now, Mt.Meru is also the name given to a special triangle formed by the ancient mathematician Pingala, and is called MaatraMeru. And this triangle is today called the Pascal's triangle.
What is of interest is that when you move diagonally upwards starting from the first digit on each line and sum the corresponding digits along each diagonal, you end up getting the nos of the Fibonacci series, which in-turn are in the Golden ratio. It can be inferred that ancient texts give special importance and reverence to this "divine ratio", forming it the basis of how one reaches the treasure of the Gods.Chant with the vibration to be heard and granted wealth.
Chanting Mahalaxmi & Kubera Mantras along with the track is considered to open up the treasure chest of Kubera. Natarajan's OM Binaural beats are there to bring tranquility of mind to absorb and make the chanting reverberate in your hearts where Lakshmi is staying.

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