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The Enchanting Arithmetic


Different easy approach to Arithmetic

Authored by Mr Sridharan R

Important arithmetic terms and definitions

Lucid explanation of terminologies

Glossary of arithmetic numbers

Comparative study of mathematical properties

Understanding explanation of basic arithmetic

A guide for preparing competitive examinations

Clearly an enchanting arithmetic book for further studies

Mathematics is an important subject without which we cannot imagine the modern world of science and technology. In mathematics, arithmetic is the back bone of mathematical sciences. Here we deal with some basic concepts of arithmetic and their applications which you will also feel enchanting and make more interesting to read a lot. The approach could be different than normal.This book is written in a simple language with examples, and definitions for easy understanding of the readers from various backgrounds. We hope this book will provide a better understanding of concepts in arithmetic.

1. Basic arithmetic
2. Addition
3. Subtraction
4. Multiplication
5. Powers
6. Division
7. Palindrome numbers

8. Arithmetic of zero and infinity
9. Sequences and series
10. Polygonal numbers
11. Magic mathematics
Annexure 1. Glossary
Annexure 2. Comparison of mathematical properties


Subject index:
Amicable number
Arithmetic operations
Arithmetic progression
Armstrong number
Ascending number see Climbing number
Automorphic number
Binary system
Branches of arithmetic
Captive zero
Cardinal number
Chenshuwen's sequence
Climbing number
Complementary number
Composite number
Consecutive number
Coprime number
Cube number
Cullen number
Cyclic number
Decagonal number
Decenary system
Demlo number
Descending number
Digital root (or) Digit sum
Divisibility tests
Dodecagonal number
Dozenal system
Eratosthenes sieve
Even number
Face value
Fibonacci series
Finite imperfect division
Following number see Consecutive number
Magic square
Magic star
Magic triangle
Magic square border puzzle
Mersenne number
Mirror image number see Reflux number
Natural number
Negative number
Non recurring infinite division
Nonadecagonal number
Nonagonal heptagon number
Nonagonal hexagon number
Nonagonal number
Nonagonal octagon number
Nonagonal pentagon number
Nonagonal square number
Nonagonal triangular number
Number digit see Digital root
Numbering system
Oblong number see Pronic number
Octadecagonal number
Octagonal heptagon number
Octagonal hexagon number
Octagonal number
Octagonal pentagon number
Octagonal square number
Octagonal triangular number
Octahedral number
Octal number system
Odd number
Ordinal number
Palindromic prime number
Pascal series
Pentadecagonal number
Pentagonal number
Pentagonal number
Pentagonal square number
Pentagonal triangular number
Perfect division
Perfect number
Heptagonal pyramidal number
Heptagonal square number
Heptagonal triangular number
Hexadecagonal number
Hexadecimal number system
Hexagonal number
Hexagonal pentagon number
Hexagonal pyramidal number
Hexagonal square number
Hexagonal triangular number
Highest common factor
Icosagonal number
Icosidigonal number
Icosihenagonal number
Icosiheptagonal number
Icosihexagonal number
Icosinonagonal number
Icosioctagonal number
Icosipentagonal number
Icositetragonal number
Icositrigonal number
Imperfect division
Infinite imperfect division
Kaprekar number
Leading zero
Least common multiplier
Place value
Prime number
Probable number
Pronic number
Pyramidal number
Pythagorean triples
Rational number
Reflux number
Repunit number
Rachnisky sequence
Ramanujan number
Remainder theorem
Rectangular number
Real number see Natural number
Recurring infinite division
and much more

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